Commission rules and terms
Please read this carefully before committing to a commission.

Pricing depends on project requirements
Flat rates don't mesh well with concept work where the time spent on a project can vary wildly depending on what the specific requirements are. I can offer a ballpark up front if you tell me what you want, or a solid price if it's super simple, but for larger projects we should talk.

No NSFW commissions
There's nothing wrong with being a porn artist, but that ain't me.

Money payments only
There's exactly one person in the world for whom I will work "for exposure" and chances are that's not you.

My work must not be used commercially unless specifically discussed beforehand.
My work must never be used for NFTs.
My work must not be used in connection with hatred, bigotry, or discrimination.
My work must be credited appropriately when displayed.
Payment up front, or 50/50 if it's a big 'un.
I reserve the right to reject a commission at my own discretion.
I will do my best to refund you if I cannot complete a commission.
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