Sublight frigate - more towards the hard sci-fi side, with no artificial gravity or faster-than-light travel.

Lightweight Combatives Suit - a flexible armoured suit for the mid-future.

Extra-Vehicular Combat Suit - a mid-future heavy spacesuit for battle in the void.

Director Kowalski - a cybernetically augmented VIP with a very cool suit.

...and without the helmet.

Sharpshooter - a mid-future soldier for a low-gravity planet.

A light frigate commissioned by someone, based on the Halo Charon-class frigate design.

A heavy frigate commissioned by someone, based on the Halo Paris-class frigate design.

Vectal Dragonfly - a far-future autonomous spacecraft.

A heavy gunship with a grounded aesthetic.

Witchcraft - an advanced shuttle for cool dudes.

XSR suit - please do not draw attention to my tiny hands

Casual outfits for knights of the far future.

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